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When the world ended their mission began.
Directed By: Shane Acker
Released: September 9, 2009
Runtime: 79 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English

9 is a 2009 3D animated steampunk film.


After an apocalyptic war between human and machines, the world is completely destroyed and without human life. The burlap doll 9 awakes without voice and finds a weird object in the middle of the debris that he brings with him. While walking through the ruins, 9 is attacked by a machine called Beast but he is saved by another doll called 2 that fixes his voice. 2 brings 9 to meet his hidden community, leaded by the coward 1. When 2 is captured by a machine, the newcomer 9 convinces the other dolls to go with him to rescue 2. However, 9 places the device that he found in a slot and activates a lethal machine called Brain. The burlap dolls are chased by Brain and despite the advices of 1 that they should hide, 9 organizes an attack to destroy Brain.[1]

Steampunk Influences[]

Although the creators like to refer to 9 as "stitchpunk", it contains definite steampunk influences. The dolls are most likely gear-powered on the inside and steampunk technology seemed prevalent even before the apocalypse and their use is continued within the movie. The steam-powered Fabrication Machine seems to be an analog computer that, while pushing the boundaries of steampunk, is still well within the genre. Additionally, throughout the movie both antagonists and protagonists continuously made cobbled-together items that were clearly steampunk-inspired.[2]