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Alchemical symbol foe aether


Aether is commonly known as the fifth element of alchemy. It was thought to be the substance that makes up heavenly bodies. In Greek myth Aether is the name of primordial diety (deity from before the Gods or Titans). Aether was also used to describe the substance breathed by the Greek Gods, much like mortals breath air.

In Steampunk[]

In steampunk fiction, aether is used in varying forms. In some sources it is used as the element that keeps airships afloat, while in others, such as in Space: 1889, it fills the space between the planets and allows for Victorian Era interplanetary travel. Other times it is used as a source of 'magic' when the world has it. Most commonly it is used as a place holding word for song titles, bands, book titles, and the likes.

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