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April and the Exraordinary World
Released: 2016
Country: France
Language: French

"April and the Extraordinary World" is a French animated movie that was released in 2016.

Setting/Steampunk Elements[]

In 1870, Napoleon the third dies in an explosion after visiting a scientist named Gustave who is attempting to breed super-soldiers. War with Prussia is averted. Throughout the following six decades, scientists begin to mysteriously disappear, stunting scientific advancement. As a result, the world’s population is forced to rely primarily on coal, with wars being waged over the remaining trees after that runs out. There is only a single tree oak left in Paris, one of the three left in the entire world.

People can be seen wearing gas masks outside due to the pollution. The French Empire is prepping for war with Canada, who holds the monopoly on the remaining trees. An impressive suspended cable car/monorail runs through the Eiffel tower, and connects the city to Berlin. The police and citizens make use of blimps and steam-pumping automobiles. Unbeknownst to most, there is a secret jungle engineered by intelligent dinosaurs under the city with the help of the disappeared human innovators. Interestingly, unlike many films with steampunk elements, "April and the Extraordinary World" treats the development of the world's technology as key to the plot.


Remaining scientists must work in secret, for fear of being captured by the government and forced to produce new weapons or the military. The protagonist April's parents and grandfather are scientists trying to perfect an immortality serum, their previous attempts having imbued their cat Darwin with the ability to speak. However, they’re interrupted by a government bust and flee, and are tragically electrocuted (presumably to death) in the process. April, without knowing the prototype serum has been hidden in her snow globe, and her grandfather both manage to escape, though they are separated. Though he spends years trying to find her, she runs away before she can be put in an orphanage. They won’t be reunited until ten years later, after Darwin is revived from the verge of death after lapping the water from April’s broken snow-globe. Meanwhile, the demoted police inspector who failed to take April’s parents alive has hired a pickpocket named Julius to stalk April and discover the whereabouts of her grandfather. Together the two stumble into larger conspiracies involving the creations of Gustave.