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Arcadia of My Youth
Directed By: Tomoharu Katsumata
Released: July 28, 1982
Runtime: 130 minutes
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese

Arcadia of My Youth (わが青春のアルカディア Waga Seishun no Arukadia) is an anime film depicting the origin of Leiji Matsumoto's seminal character Captain Harlock. At one time, it was considered to be the central hub of the so called Leijiverse with other works such as Galaxy Express 999 and 1978's Space Pirate Captain Harlock television series occurring sometime after.


After a drawn-out, viciously-fought war, the earth has been conquered by the alien Illumidus Empire. Harlock, a captain in Earth's fleet, crashes his ship to prevent the Illumidus from using it and flat-out refuses to join them. With the help of his allies, Tochiro, the space pirate Emereldas and his lover Miya, he wages a private and bitter war against the Illumidus.

Steampunk Influences[]

The style of the technology and setting has influences of both steampunk and dieselpunk, though the latter aesthetic is more prevalent.