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Back to the Future Part III
They saved the best trip for last... but this time they may have gone too far.
Directed By: Robert Zemeckis
Released: May 25, 1990
Runtime: 118 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Preceded By: Back to the Future Part II

Back to the Future Part III is the third and final film in the Back to the Future trilogy.


Stranded in 1955, Marty McFly receives written word from his friend, Doctor Emmett Brown, as to where can be found the DeLorean time machine. However, an unfortunate discovery prompts Marty to go to his friend's aid. Using the time machine, Marty travels to the old west where his friend has run afoul of a gang of thugs and has fallen in love with a local schoolteacher. Using the technology from the time, Marty and Emmett devise one last chance to send the two of them back to the future.[1]

Steampunk Influences[]

As a result of traveling to the old west, the technologically gifted Doc Brown improvises using old-time items to create ones that suit his needs, resulting in obviously steampunk items.[2]