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Brotherhood of the Wolf
Based On: L'Innocence des loups by Michel Louis
Directed By: Christophe Gans
Released: 31 January 2001 (France)
1 June 2001 (Canada)
11 January 2002 (United States)
Runtime: 142 minutes
151 minutes (director's cut)
Country: France
Language: French

Brotherhood of the Wolf (French: Le pacte des loups) is a 2001 steampunk French film. It is loosely based on the book L'Innocence des loups ("The Innocence of the Wolves"), by the French zoologist Michel Louis, a study about a real-life series of killings that took place in France in the 18th century and the famous legend around the Beast of Gévaudan.


In 1765 something was stalking the mountains of central France. A 'beast' that pounced on humans and animals with terrible ferocity. Indeed they beast became so notorious that the King of France dispatched envoys to find out what was happening and to kill the creature. By the end, the Beast of Gevaudan had killed over 100 people, to this day, no one is entirely sure what it was, wolf? hyena? or something supernatural?

Steampunk Influences[]