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Captain Nemo
Captain Nemo manga 02.jpg
Written By: Jason DeAngelis
Published By: Seven Seas Entertainment
Original Run: 2006
Issues: 1

Captain Nemo is an English-language manga series written by Jason DeAngelis, with art by Aldin Viray and published by Seven Seas Entertainment. The first volume was released on March 1, 2006. Part of the manga is still online as a webmanga preview. Captain Nemo is intended to be a sequel to Jules Verne's Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.


The year is 1893. Under the iron grip of Napoleon IV, France has extended its tyrannical rule throughout the world, forging a vast Empire that rivals that of Ancient Rome. Only one man stands in defiance against the Empire, roaming at will beneath the surface of the oceans: Young Captain Nemo and his ragtag crew aboard the Nautilus II. France however will not just sit idle as Nemo and his crew roam the seas, they want him hunted down and made an example of so no others will oppose the French Empire. As such the Emperor sends his Vice Minister of Security, Monsieur Bertrand Pierpont aboard Captain Gaucher's ship to help with the hunt. However, while Captain Gaucher is sure Nemo is behind this, Monsieur Pierpont makes it clear that the official French standpoint is that Nemo is ancient history and no longer exists as he was slain and his Nautilus sunk over twenty years ago.

Steampunk Influences[]