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The World of Terrene

Chronicles of Terrene is a collection of stories set in a steampunk setting. Inspired by the offerings of such steampunk authors as H. G. Wells, Philip Reeve and Neil Gaiman, Chronicles of Terrene combines air travel with alchemy to enable steampunk in space.

The world setting includes the planet of Terrene, as well as the two inhabited planets with whom they have made contact: Ogrun Na and Selook. The aether space of the universe between these different systems is the scene for much of the action and travel in the written tales.

Terrene itself parallels Earth in many respects, with each of its cultures a combination of cultures of Earth. While it carries a Victorian flavour in historical context and culture, that side of strict Steampunk is mostl confined to the Spheran Empire which is currently expanding across the globe. Other nations combine aspects of Asia, Turkey, Russia, Spain and India. The world History can be loosely broken down into four key eras, or Ages:
The Terrestrial Age, during which the nations first began to coalesce and form into the first kingdoms and empires through land-bound warfare.

The Nautical Age, during which expansion began overseas to the various continental groupings and the first expansionist empires arose through nautical fleets, and extended land-based efforts.

The Aerial Age, which added airships to the mix and completely revolutionized the methods of both land and sea warfare. The Air Ships also enabled greatly expanded trade, settlement and transport of supplies and raw ingredients for manufacture and crafting.

The Aether Age, the current age of Terrene, during which the first extraterrestrial contact was made, and Terrenians ventured out into the voids of space. It was also during this time that the Mystic Arts that had begun taking hold in the Aerial Age truly exploded, changing the face of science, medicine and physics.

The current adventures of Chronicles of Terrene can be found: