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"Clockwork Planet" is a series of light novels by Ryuu Kamiya, who published the first in the April of 2013. Since then, its received a manga adaption in 2015, and an anime in 2017.

Clockwork Planet
Clockwork Planet light novel volume 1 cover.jpg
Author: Yuu Kamiya,Tsubaki Himana
Illustrator: Shino
Original Run: 2013-2018
Volumes: 4
Studio: Xebec
Original Run: 2017
Episodes: 12

Steampunk Influences[]

Clockwork Planet is set in a world where the entire Earth has been rebuilt with clockwork, and cities are are situated at the center of giant gears. One of the main characters, RyuZU, is an human looking automaton that runs completely on clockwork.