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Daisy Kutter
Written By: Kazu Kibuishi
Published By: Viper Comics
Genre: Science fiction, western
Original Run: 2004

Daisy Kutter is a 2004 steampunk comic taking place in the Old West.


Daisy Kutter, a store-keeper who used to be a bandit, lives in a steampunk version of the American Old West where robots coincide with steam locomotives. Her friend and ex-partner in crime, Tom, now works as sheriff in the town.

Daisy loses at poker to a mogul named Mr. Winters who later hires her to rob a train to "test the integrity of the guard", a supposedly perfect robot defense. Mr. Winters supposedly wants to disprove this foolproof claim. In actuality, he is setting Daisy up for a fall.

Steampunk Influences[]