Doctor Dolittle
Based On:Doctor Dolittle
Directed By:Richard Fleischer
Released:December 19, 1967
Runtime:152 minutes
Country:United States

Doctor Dolittle is a 1967 musical film based on the series of children's books by Hugh Lofting, which tells the story of a doctor, Doctor Dolittle, who learns from his pet parrot Polynesia to talk to animals.


Doctor Dolittle is a world-renowned veterinarian who speaks a wide array of animal languages. He sets off from his home in Puddleby-on-the-Marsh, England, in search of the Great Pink Sea Snail. In so doing, he and his friends meet such exotic creatures as the Pushme-Pullyu and the Giant Moon Moth. This musical is the source of the hit song, "If I Could Talk To The Animals."


A remake of the film was made in 1998, but it was played for laughs and was modernized by removing all traces of steam from the plot.

Steampunk InfluencesEdit