Incredible Expeditions: Quest for Atlantis is a card game with deck-building strategy elements. It comes all in one box, ready to play. There are boards, but they're mostly an aid for individual players to keep track of things. Dice are sometimes used (for example, to determine which of your Crew gets snatched by a baby kraken) but overall, random chance isn't a big factor. Clever use of your Crew and Resources is the focus of the game. A winning strategy is one that can adapt on the fly. There are no victory points, either you reach Atlantis or the dangers of exploration prove to be too much.

Publisher's DescriptionEdit

"Explore with the eccentric Professor Pendergast and others daring enough to face bizarre encounters beyond the edges of the known world. Incredible Expeditions: Quest for Atlantis is a card game of deck building strategy for 1-5 players."


1 Full-Color Rulebook
68 Full-Color Stamps
24 Curse Stamps (double-sided)
15 Temporary Attributes Track Counters (5 Money, 5 Heroism and 5 Skullduggery)
10 Discovery Stamps (5 Keys, 5 Blanks)
10 Defeated Encounter Stamps
4 Rest Stamps^
1 Rest Turn Acquisitions Track (w/ Acquired Counter)
1 Peril Track (w/ Peril Counter)
1 Hounded Stamp
150 Attributes Tokens
50 Money Tokens (gold)
50 Heroism Tokens (green)
50 Skullduggery Tokens (blue)
5 Ship Miniatures
1 Die
5 Ship Boards
75 Starting Resource Cards (15 starting resource cards per player)
45 Mark of Credit
5 Bribery
5 Notoriety
5 Reputation
5 Strange Tincture
5 String of Coins
5 Supplies
4 Curse Reference Cards
5 Expedition Leader Cards
20 Location Cards
54 Crew Cards (double-sided -- includes 6 crew cards for competitive play)
40 Resource Cards (includes 8 resource cards for competitive play)
40 Encounter Cards
4 Consequence Cards
18 Peril Cards
5 Co-op/ Solo Turn Summary Cards

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