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Last Exile
(Rasuto Eguzairu)
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Romance
Director: Koichi Chigira
Studio: Gonzo
Original Run: April 7, 2003 — September 29, 2003
Episodes: 26

Last Exile (ラストエグザイル, Rasuto Eguzairu) is a dieselpunk anime set in the fictional world of Prester. The world is divided into a civil war between Anatoray and Disith, with the Guild presiding over the conflict on the pretense of keeping it from getting out of control. The story centers around a pair of young couriers, Claus and Lavie, who gradually get pulled into the conflict.


  • Claus Vulca: A 15 year old pilot of a vanship with the help of his navigator and childhood friend, Lavie. Claus is idealistic and quickly becomes strongly impassioned to fight alongside the crew of the Silvana, despite Lavie's misgivings.
  • Lavie Head: An outspoken, redheaded girl, Lavie grew up with Claus and now acts as his navigator on their shared vanship. In contrast to Claus's willingness to fight against the Guild, Lavie is against using vanships for warfare.
  • Alvis E. Hamilton: An 11 year old girl often called "Al" for short. She is desperately sought by both the Guild and the Silvana. Claus and Lavie are both very protective of her.
Last Exile: The Complete Series Box Set Trailer. Link to full size video

Steampunk Influences[]

An example of large airships present in Last Exile.

Last Exile contains overt dieselpunk influences, including non-zeppelin types of airships and other post Edwardian technology. The limited supply of clean water causes conflicts on global and social levels and there are clear class divisions. Because of limited water supplies, the steam engine is a rare sight in the world of Prester. The various airships use a substance the story refers to as claudia that provides the lift for their flying craft of all sizes, especially their battleships, but they are powered by what appears to be a petroleum-derived fuel used in piston engines. Claudia is also used as a medium of exchange. The Guild, whose' members have greater access to medical technology, mystical power, clean water, and other luxuries, serves as the source of conflict in the story. The Guild is defeated in the end and the climate suddenly changes for the better.


On February 1, 2011, Gonzo revealed that a sequel to Last Exile will be planned. Titled Last Exile -Fam, The Silver Wing- (ラストエグザイル~銀翼のファム~ Rasuto Eguzairu Ginyoku no Fam), it will be released sometime in 2011. The anime will be "a new series of Last Exile [with] new story, [main] characters, and mechanical designs."

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