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There are a few rules that everyone should follow when adding or deleting from this list. First, be sure to enter the names of bands in alphabetical order, not counting articles such as the or a. Second, be sure that your favourite band has an active space on myspace, or an active presence on facebook at the very minimum. If they do not have a homepage, and have not logged in to their space on myspace or their presence on facebook for at least a year, then I will remove their names from the list.

Please be certain that your band is genuinely a steampunk band. There is a lot of room for error in making that call, but generally one may go by their costuming. Steampunk music can be identified on a five point scale. Depending on how many of the criterion the band fills, the more steampunk it is. Bands on the list below should fill at least 2-3.

  1. They call themselves steampunk.
  2. Old-fashioned dress or style (Victorian/Edwardian or 20's through 50's for dieselpunk).
  3. Classical instrumentation elements.
  4. Fictional (preferably alternate history) backstory.
  5. Steampunk (sci-fi/historical) lyrics.

Dieselpunk is generally from the twenties through the end of WWII. This era is depicted by the wearing of Fedora hats and other such items of costume from the 1920's through 1949. While there is no place in this wiki devoted specifically to Dieselpunk, I will allow those bands to be listed here, with the proviso that they be labelled as Dieselpunk Bands.

This is an exceptionally long list. It is difficult to maintain and if I removed one of your favourite bands, then it was for a specific cause. If you are wont to dispute my decision, see the talk page for this list. I have kept numerous notes on my editing as I have worked my way through the list. Your cooperation is welcome, as is your offer to communicate your enthusiasm for your favourite band. If you think that your favourite band has been removed unjustly, then by all means, drop me a note on the talk page of this list. Finally, you must be a member and logged in to make changes to this list. If you make a change without logging in or signing up and communicating with me, Billy Catringer, then I will undo your addition as I see fit.

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