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Mutant Chronicles
The darkest age is yet to come. Have faith.
Based On: Mutant Chronicles (game)
Directed By: Simon Hunter
Released: October 10, 2008 (United Kingdom)
April 24, 2009 (United States)
Runtime: 111 minutes (International)
101 minutes (United States)
Country: United States
Language: English

Mutant Chronicles is a film set in the year 2707. The film's version of the world is loosely based on that of the Mutant Chronicles role-playing game, where many technologies are steam powered and mankind has exhausted Earth’s natural resources. The protagonists must battle against mutant creatures accidentally unleashed upon the planet.


The plot revolves around a sealed away "machine" which came from space. The "machine" converts people into mutants that do little other than kill and drag new victims to the machine for conversion. Locked away 10,000 years ago, the machine was accidentally uncovered in a battle in Europe. Within six weeks the world is nearly completely conquered by the roaming mutant gangs and most people are evacuated off Earth. A group of soldiers are then assembled to take an ancient device, presumed to be a bomb, to the heart of the machine in an attempt to destroy it. Most of the group is killed or converted into mutants while the device is activated, which turns out to be an ignition device to send the machine back into space, leaving only one member of the group alive but half mutated. The machine is last seen in space heading towards a red planet.