Myst is a 1991 Point-and-Click puzzle game devoloped by Cyan Worlds (back then, they were called Cyan). In it, the player takes the role of a nameless protagonist who finds himself on the titular island of Myst. The game proved to be one of the most successful games of the '90s, and the best-selling PC game until The Sims surpassed it in sales.


The game begins with the player (called "the Stranger" by Wikipedia) inexplicably appearing on a seemingly abandoned island. After a bit of exploring, the player learns that there used to be a library in the main building on the island, but it was burned down. In a message recieved by a character named "Atrus," he reveals that it was one of his children, named Achenar and Sirrus. Both sons can be interracted with in the main building through the two books on the shelves. Achenar is in the blue book, and asks for blue pages. Sirrus is in the red book, and asks for red ones. The player then travels outside of the island to find said pages via books that transport the player to different "ages." Amoung the ages are:

  • Mechanical: A very gear-heavy world set on a small archipelago plus 1 central island that swivels to connect them. Sirrus has a room that resembles that of an absolute monarch, while Achenar has a torture chamber.
  • Driftwood: A primitive world that consists of several bridges and water-powered elevators (as well as other gadgets). Sirrus has a room resembling a first-class hotel room, complete with very exquisite-looking furniture. Achenar has a room that has 3 holograms of him chanting in a fictional language, and a table that devours its victims.
  • Stoneship: A world consisting of a ship, a lighthouse, and a rock with 3 buttons. Sirrus and Achenar both have cabins in the ship: Sirrus has navigational equipment, whilst Achenar has an equivalent of an armory.
  • Selentic: A barren world that consists of various objects that make noises, which come in handy later. Sirrus and Achenar have nothing on this world.
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