OGL Steampunk RPG

OGL Steampunk RPG Core Rulebook

"The Age that never was (and should have been)"

OGL (Open Gaming License) Steampunk is a role-playing campaign setting published in 2004 by Mongoose Publishing for the d20 System under terms of the eponymous Open Gaming License.

Product IdentityEdit

Name of Product: OGL Steampunk
Publisher: Mongoose Publishing
Author: Alejandro Melchor
Artists: Cover: Scott Clark; Interior: Eric Bergeron, Jim Brady, Stephen Cook, Anthea Dilly, Kythera, John McSweeny, Pete Slough, Ronald Smith, Sami Walu, and Leo Winstead
Stock Number/SKU: MGP 6604
ISBN: 1-904577-84-9
Cover Price: US $39.95
Page Count: 304
Hard/Soft Cover/PDF: Hardcover
Color/B&W Artwork: Color cover; B&W interior

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