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Robot Carnival
Directed By: Atsuko Fukushima, Katsuhiro Otomo, Koji Morimoto, Hidetoshi Omori, Yasuomi Umetsu, Hiroyuki Kitazume, Mao Lamdo, Hiroyuki Kitakubo, Takashi Nakamura
Released: July 21, 1987
Runtime: 90 minutes
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese

Robot Carnival (ロボット・カーニバル, Robotto Kānibaru) is a Japanese anime anthology film released in 1987. It consists of nine shorts by different directors, many of whom had not directed before. This film has attained a degree of cult status.


This is a Fantasia-like anthology of robot-influenced short films. The most noble are Presence, Deprive and Nightmare. Nightmare is the story of an evil, cybernetic overlord that rises one night and unleashes its robotic servants. Deprive is a science fiction tale of a young girl who has been abducted by an invading army of robots and only a mysterious cyborg can help her. Presence is about a young toy-maker who makes a beautiful, female cyborg. When she becomes "a bit too real", he destroys her only to be haunted by her spirit for the rest of his life.

Steampunk Influences[]

“A Tale of Two Robots: Chapter 3: Foreign Invasion” is quintessentially steampunk; two giant robots (mecha) battle each other in the streets of Tokyo... in the Meiji Period! One mecha is powered by dozens of electrical batteries built into barrels, is armoured with brickwork and is armed with a muzzle-loading cannon, while the other is coal and human pedal-powered, is made of wood and is armed with carnival fireworks. Further description does not really do the piece justice.

Steampunk Mecha in battle