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Steampunk Magazine is an online and in-print (hard copy) magazine for and about the steampunk subculture.


From their webpage:

"SteamPunk Magazine is a print-and-web periodical devoted to the genre and burgeoning subculture of steampunk. We pride ourselves on promoting a version of steampunk that does not forget the punk aspects of it–challenging authority, Do-It-Yourself attitudes, and creating our own culture in the face of an alienating and boring mainstream one. We publish fiction set in the Victorian era, set in the far future, and set in fantasy worlds. We have a fairly broad interpretation of what might be considered steampunk, resisting the urge to limit ourselves and create a “pure” definition of the word. We also publish DIY how-to articles, essays on fashion, historical tracts, rants and manifestos… anything we think will serve the greater steampunk community."

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