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Steampunk Santa by Camilla Ceccatelli

Steampunk art is a stylistic forum used by many artists attempting to convey particular ideas. Common themes in steampunk art are ones concerning the advancement of technology, over-industrialization, and sometimes corruption. Steampunk artwork can be whimsical and humorous, or dark and thought-provoking.


Steampunk sculptors, much like modders, make good use of found objects. Methods vary, but sculptors are often a whimsical sort of surrealism. Pierre Jacquet-Droz

Art Nouveau versus Art Deco[]

Art Nouveau began in 1880 and lasted until about 1910. Art Deco began in 1910 and ended right around 1939 with the start of the WW2.   The two are often confused despite the fact that Art Nouveau embraced nature and handwork, while Art Deco embraced industrialism and the machine made. Both styles still have healthy followings with many fans who overlap in their fondness for the two styles. Think of them this way: Art Nouveau: Steampunk; Art Deco: Dieselpunk.

Subject Matter[]

Airships, grungy steampunk cities, and fashion combined with technology are common features of steampunk art. In addition, promotional posters in victorian styles are common as well as "blueprint" sketches for pieces of steampunk technology.

Steampunk accessories such as watches are also forms of steampunk art. Since creativity is a key feature of steampunk, virtually anything steampunk can be seen as art.

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