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The Clockwork Cabaret, an online radio featuring steampunk music.

Steampunk music is a genre with a loosely defined sound, but can be described as "eclectic". Common influences include gothic, industrial, synth-pop, dark wave, and new wave, but there are also hints of orchestral, ragtime, cabaret, Indian, gypsy, folk, and traditional klezmer music [1]

The most important aspect of steampunk music, and perhaps what gives it its label, are the stageshows; bands often mod their equipment to resemble Victorian and Neo-Victorian steampunk equivalents. The band members themselves don period costumes with steampunk accessories.

The instruments used by the performers, while sometimes consisting of the traditional guitar/keyboard/drums trio, is just as eclectic as the sound. Steampunk musicians will often play exotic or unusual instruments, including the cello, accordion, bagpipe, and balalaika.

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