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The Fall
A little blessing in disguise
Directed By: Tarsem Singh
Released: September 9, 2006
(Toronto Film Festival)

May 30, 2008
(United States)
October 3, 2008
(United Kingdom)

Runtime: 117 minutes
Country: India
United Kingdom
United States
Language: English

The Fall is a 2006 adventure fantasy film directed by Tarsem Singh, starring Lee Pace, Catinca Untaru, and Justine Waddell. It shows both steampunk and dieselpunk influences, though it is not strictly a film of either type.


At a Los Angeles hospital in the 1920s, Alexandria is a child recovering from a broken arm. She befriends Roy Walker, a movie stunt man with legs paralyzed after a fall. At her request, Roy tells her an elaborate story about six men of widely varied backgrounds who are on a quest to kill a corrupt provincial governor. Between chapters of the story, Roy inveigles Alexandria to scout the hospital's pharmacy for morphine. As Roy's fantastic tale nears its end, Death seems close at hand.[1]