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The Infinite Worlds of H. G. Wells
Also Known As: The Scientist
Based On: Stories by H. G. Wells
Released: August 5, 2001
Runtime: 265 minutes
Country: United Kingdom
United States
Language: English
Episodes: 6

The Infinite Worlds of H. G. Wells is a 4-hour miniseries that is based on a number of short stories by author H. G. Wells.

The short story adaptations are set as flashbacks to 1893 within a frame story set in 1946, near the end of Wells' life, when he is interviewed by members of a military research institute interested in his past exploits.

In 1893, Jane is shown to be a student, with Wells initially one of her two potential suitors, the other being a member of the College staff. Wells is portrayed as a single man, a journalist and aspiring fiction writer, who is not scientifically trained. Eventually their friendship becomes more intimate, and they move in together, despite the social conventions of the day.

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