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Tim Powers is the author of the historical fantasy novel On Stranger Tides, which was optioned by Disney and adapted as the fourth installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise.

Alongside K. W. Jeter and James Blaylock, Powers is considered to be one of the first of the Steampunks. Powers specializes in historical novels and stories with a magical or otherwise fantastical twist. However, he is very strict about adhering to established historical fact, despite the fantastical elements in his stories. This makes for a very interesting body of work, but only some of it falls into the steampunk genre.

Annubis Gates, published in 1983 and definitely in the Steampunk genre, may be one of Powers' best remembered works in the genre. Another steampunk work is entitled The Stress of her Regard, published in 1989. Followed by Powers' take on The Fisher King legend in Last Call, published in 1992, Expiration Date, published in 1995, and Earthquake Weather, published in 1997.

The rest of Powers' work falls into a category that Powers has labelled Secret Histories: stories that are historically accurate, but they also have some fantastic elements in them. It is rather like telling just enough truth to make for a very plausible tall tale. He has also written about future events in much the same way.