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Turn A Gundam
(Tān Ē Gandamu)
Genre:Mecha, Romance
Director:Yoshiyuki Tomino
Original Run:April 4, 1999 – April 14, 2000

Turn A Gundam or ∀ Gundam (∀(ターンエー)ガンダム, Tān Ē Gandamu) is a 1999 steampunk mecha anime in the Gundam franchise.


The story of Turn A is viewed from a third perspective mainly concerning the events that happened to the main character Loran Cehack. He is a recruit of the Moonrace which was sent to earth on a recon mission for the later Moonrace massive migration back to earth, which was planned 100 years ago with no positive response from earth. With aggressive parties of moonrace and Earthlings, a war soon broke out between the migrants and the people who lived in the area called Ameria, which was speculated to be America, where the Moonrace claimed to be theirs since their ancestors lived there.

Loran became an active member of the Earth's militia forces with the skills of piloting the white doll, Turn A Gundam, wanting to settle the conflict between Earth and Moon. Discovering more and more history of the past and why the technology deteriorated so much on earth.

Steampunk InfluencesEdit

Turn A Gundam takes place in the year Correct Century 2345. The population of the Earth is, at the beginning of the series, limited to simple, steam-driven technology after past cataclysms; the Moon is populated by the Moonrace, humans who left Earth after a great war long ago to reside in technologically advanced lunar colonies until such time as they deemed the Earth suitable to return to.