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Based On: Battle of Rorke's Drift
Directed By: Cy Endfield
Released: January 22, 1964
Runtime: 139 minutes
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English

Zulu is a 1964 historical war film depicting the Battle of Rorke's Drift between the British Army and the Zulu Kingdom in January 1879, during the Anglo-Zulu War.


Two Lieutenants, John Chard and Gonville Bromhead, find that their 140 man contingent in Natal has been isolated by the destruction of the main British Army column and that 4,000 Zulu warriors will descend on them in hours. Each has a different military background in tactics and they are immediately conflicted on how to prepare for the attack. Nearly a third of the men are in the infirmary, as the Welsh company tries to somehow survive with no help in sight.

Steampunk Influences[]